The Moscow – capital city.
Кремлёвская стена
Подземная речка Нищенка


It is stone vault of underground river Nishenka (Beggar-woman) - a certain lengthy of Moscow’s systems. Unfortunately we can passed only small part of it – water level was much highly, as we waited from it, and everybody hasn’t costumes L-1 (it is almost protective waterproof suit)…

А это мы


Nevertheless we has time to make couple shots.

"Отстрел" монтёров в бункере на Таганской


This object is one of declassify underground shelters, earlier it goes under name GO-42 (gas defence 42). It open for visitors not long ago, there still run a works.



We walked with a difficult here and there, but when diggers recoiled before difficulties?

Бункер на Алексеевской


Unfortunately, district underground shelter at Alekseevskaya once became accessible for all comers to get into. And here result: all was destroyed, burned and threw about.

Он же


The same object with another foreshortening. We was force to moved at floor, stepped to scattering items and boxes, lest should moisten feet.

Загадочный механизм грузового лифта


Underground shelter interesting presence cargo elevator into.



And so much, that diesel engine kept quite good.



But then respiratory protective devices transmuted in fuse heaps of rubbish after fire – it was both gas-masks and respirators R-2 (which was here enormous amount).

Ночной город с крыши небоскрёба


After investigations of underground, we decided to survey beautiful city from a bird's-eye view, for this we climbed up roof of high-rise house in South-West part of Moscow.

Тranslation by Uho.


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