The trip in the system Belaya (White).

The first attempt.

Once I and my friend Ivan together intended to search some system and like usually was found it. It was small because of pipe has low diameters. Judge by inside, we named it Miortvaya (Dead) because skulls, bones and skeletons of animals lied everywhere. The most interesting beginning when we started to climb in lower level of the system Miortvaya. The very nice fungi (photo 1) and large friendly dog(photo 2) was detected there. When we crept 10 meters, our gladness and merriment hasnt any limits: lower level of the system Miortvaya finished in enormous large mine, which was serve for drain the system Miortvaya to the system Belaya and exit from the system Belaya (photo 3).

The second attempt.

At second time staff was more. I, Ivan, my brother, Doctor and Bison. At first we started to climb also through the system Miortvaya because directly entrance to the system Belaya is absent. At the second attempt to penetrated we was lowering immediate in the system Belaya. Small waterfall was next to the entry (photo 4).

The third attempt.

The third attempt was simply bazaar and medley of people, which was mad. Our guests from the club SSD joined to small staff of the club VSD. It was our companions Virus and Kuvalda. Membership was not great, but full of dullness: we are I, Doctor, my brother, Bison and our guests.

Thus we mowed forward. At first something wasnt except horned skull, which fell down from the system Miortvaya (photo 5). Further virgin beauty waited for us, it wasnt belonging to any systems of Volgograd. This surprising beauty system named Belaya with reflection, because everywhere unusual show was look as sinters and stalactites. Since such plase in the system Belaya, where handsome sinters and stalactites covered all area more often then one half of square meters (photo 6).

Also amazing golden sinters was here. It accumulated so as groove generated in the middle, in which water flows as in fountain. But the groove is red in this fountain and really charms arrived: it is red bowl with golden and this place we may named diggers fountain (photo 7).

We went farther and met handsome stairs. Really spheroid sinter was in the timbering to wall (photo 8). Also sinters height up to us knees was in the system(photo 9). Amazing things met in the ceiling (photo 10). We moved forward after reviewing all this beauty. The gigantic but already dirty stalactites hung at the ceiling, they width was one half of meters(photo 11).

Far off we heard very strong sound of the waters, probably this being precipitation tank. It wasnt in this system, and this stirred up large surprise. We get to the place, where sound of the waters from and seen big inclined hump(photo 12). After this we went some more 50meters, scene was still hard: the second inclined overflow hump was several times as large as first. It pitch exceeds 65 degrees, and I needless to say about length: we was in maniacal stupor(photo 13). But we still get down. There dept was more waist-deep, and farther we wasnt walking, but the system stretched any longer as how much last for our eyes and torches.

We moved to return journey after rest. Backwards way wasnt long and we reach to mine, through which we plunged. All crawled out again in the system Miortvaya and outside, but I together with Virus remained in the entrails of the Volgograd. We walked in other side, and then we took a stroll 100 meters, we seen enormous metallic pipe, which drooped with slope from the ceiling (photo 14). Before it the habitual arched pipe get across in squared section pipe, after it in squared section pipe with grooved and remind the Drainage System #20 of Kiev city (photo 15). There dept was more waist-deep too, and there is nothing to be done without L1.

We came back to the mine, crawled out, sat for a while on the beam inside the mine, climbed in the system Miortvaya back and again photographed doggie. When we crawled out to outside we was the whole of wet, temperature was near the zero. It was very shit. We all was froze and determined chip in the bottle. But as usually we doesnt heat, only get drink. Later all was without photo commentary. All we remained satisfied after system and has departed to home without any incidents. And very strangest was that it avoid without meeting with police agency.

The fourthly attempt.

After receding three attempts passed the bottom of the system we decided struggle with its top. Firstly Kuvalda and Lutc struggle top of the system. They overcame pit, which has waist-deep of water, passed the squared section of the system and get first pipe and reached to waterfall like as in the system Elshanskaya. They finished passing in this and successful back.

Afterwards we get pass the system Belaya. I, Doctor and Bison was here. Thus we moved to top of the system. The waist-deep pit with water became a first obstacle (photo 1). We passed successful and nobody gets screwed here.

Next we get across in square pipe (photo 2). Also the part of ceiling was collapsed on the verge of failure in this pipe (photo 3). The crossing to large arch (not such as in lower level) was after it (photo 4). Either obstruction or failure was in this arch, and content of sulphurettedz hydrogen has very strong level here.

The offshoot with waterfall was on the wall (photo 5). Farther round pipe with diameter 3 meters was here (photo 6). We walked by it 20 minutes and came to the waterfall.

Waterfall was like waterfall from the system Elshanskaya. Difference was only in the side where balcony was, and a high of the the pipe was smaller (photo 7 and 8). Waterfall was subdued from us and we caught already in pipe with diameters 2.1 meters. There nobody was walk here; it was untrodden place (photo 9).There we already walked 30-40 minutes to this pipe, and we get out to the room with large balcony (photo 10). The beautiful sinter was in the wall (photo 11). Here pipe turned sharp on 90 degrees. Then I one get from next waterfall, but alas photos nothing come for it because everywhere poured the water. The very interesting there was two offshoots with diameters between the system Podleninskaya and the system Tzaritsa. And main pipe lied farther without lose of diameters. We can concluded from this what we may passed and passed it. There is: 2 offshoots, pipe after they and the lower level after past time.

TEXT by Vlad

ranslation by Uho